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We invite you to join us here and discover a familiar face encouraging you to participate in real-life experiences. An app you can enjoy with everyday ease. Loved by locals and locally loved, because we are always honest about how we work.

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Members are at the center of everything we do. Payment in Bitcoin will be available soon. Sign up for the Beta program and be part of a growing community.

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    When moving to, or traveling in, a new location, use Picnic to find timely and relevant solutions from go-to experts.

    We are locally focused & community based.


    Our public chats store useful information and key knowledge that is available to all members.

    We store messages on the cloud, while member data is encrypted and confidential. We take privacy seriously.


    We encourage conversations between hosts & guests.

    Signing up for events is quick and easy. Guests can pay cash or use Paypal to reserve a space.

    Say Hi with a smile

    A picnic is a group activity in a public place. It is outside, healthy, restorative and productive. It meets a real need, a basic need: humans are social animals. A picnic is welcome to all, an open invitation. Most of all is fun


    More people are starting side hustles. Existing online platforms favor influencers with worldwide reach. Picnic connects people to local groups & community activities.

    ask questions

    And get answers from go-to expert

    build trust

    With local insiders

    meet in person

    a Picnic is always
    a good idea

    join groups

    Members find useful local recommendations


    Everyone is welcome in the conversation

    make money

    Turn a side-hustle into consistent revenue

    go green

    Shop local and help save the environment

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