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Picnic connects people with like-minded interests to join group discussions, share information and participate in local activities and events.

a better place for every <i>conversation</i> - Picnic Groups

Bitcoin payments available

Bitcoin payments available

Bitcoin payments available

unlock the out & about

We invite you to join us here and discover a familiar face encouraging you to participate in real-life experiences. An app you can enjoy with everyday ease. Loved by locals and locally loved, because we are always honest about how we work.


Group chats are the best way for locals – as well as new residents and tourists – to find timely and relevant information from go-to experts & knowledgeable insiders.

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Public chats store useful information and important knowledge that is available to all members.

Member data is encrypted and confidential. We take privacy seriously – phone numbers and emails are never shown.

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Picnic is a complete solution for
community groups.

Attendees can quickly and easily sign up within the chat to reserve a space. Payment options include bitcoin or paypal, which accepts both debit and credit cards.

Bitcoin payments available

Bitcoin payments available

Bitcoin payments available


A picnic is a group activity in a public place. It is outside, healthy, restorative and productive. It meets a real need, a basic need: humans are social animals.
A picnic is welcome to all, an open invitation. Most of all is fun.

Picnic is always a good idea


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Members find useful local recommendations


Everyone is welcome in the conversation

make money

Hosts can turn a side-hustle into consistent revenue

support local

Build strong social bonds and help save the environment

Our mission is to create group connections that empower local businesses and support the community

loved by locals
& locally loved

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loved by locals& locally loved - Picnic Groups