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Picnic Groups delivers Bitcoin option for quick, easy and low cost payments in local communities - Picnic Groups

Picnic Groups delivers Bitcoin option for quick, easy and low cost payments in local communities

* Beta program will be open this week for early adopters to send payments in bitcoin and secure spaces for in-person gatherings.
* Non-custodial wallet is built on the latest technology providing best-in-class solution.
* Strategic partners Breez, Voltage and Velas Commerce combine to provide an endto-end solution for local community groups in the US and Latin America.

Picnic Groups, a mobile app specifically designed for group chats is proudly introducing access to a Beta program for bitcoin payments this week. This unique group chat solution has three main features – chat groups, news channels and event registration. It’s an integrated resource to support the community.

“We believe in financial inclusion and seamless transactions for all. Incorporating bitcoin and Lightning Network payments is a significant step in bringing an end-to-end solution for all types of community groups, especially in the US and Latin America” said Robert Waterston, founder of Picnic Groups.

The Lightning Network is a “layer 2” payment protocol layered on top of bitcoin that enables fast transactions among participating nodes. A peer-to-peer system facilitates micropayments without delegating customer funds, which can be withdrawn at any time.

In conjunction with this announcement, Picnic Groups is also pleased to publicize its collaborative venture with Velas Commerce and their Puerto Rico based developers. This partnership has resulted in the creation of innovative bitcoin wallet and payment features, which will streamline the transaction experience within local communities.

As a low-cost alternative to the high fees with proprietary payment processing firms, the Lightning Network offers the best form of local money currently available. Finally, making bitcoin payments is now simpler and more convenient than using credit cards.

“It’s been a remarkable journey collaborating with a forward-thinking organization like Picnic Groups,” expressed Erik Alvarez, Director of Velas Commerce. “The dedication and expertise of the Breez and Voltage teams have been instrumental in ensuring a seamless integration. Together, we’re ushering in a new era of community transactions.”

Security and privacy features are built into the design of the group chats, which is a very different mindset than offers from 1:1 messaging tools. There are no public APIs and bots are strictly banned. Picnic Groups safeguards its ecosystem against scams, spam and data breaches.

Currently in English and Spanish, the app is available to download for free in the App Store and Google Play marketplace today in the US, Canada, Spain and Latin America.

about Picnic Groups

Picnic Groups is a unique group chat application. It’s more than a messaging app, not social media and different than an event platform; it’s an integrated local resource to support the community. A picnic is a group activity in a public place. It is welcoming, inclusive and open to all.

Our mission is to empower everyday entrepreneurs and support the local community. We are always honest about how we work and take pride in providing an ad-free, safe space to connect. With no ads and no tracking, we are 100 percent member supported. We are not a part of the attention economy.

All groups are public and all chats are public. Security is central to our design and a priority for us. Within the chats, the phone number and email address are always hidden. There are no public APIs and no
bots allowed.

Our members align their actions with their values to establish credibility and foster stronger connections where they call home. Picnic is a space that is authentic and focused on local leaders. A welcoming and inclusive environment, members are at the center of everything we do.

Based in San Juan Puerto Rico, with development locations in London and Argentina, Coretxt Software, LLC is the parent company of Picnic Groups. Fully funded by local investors and bitcoin enthusiasts, Picnic Groups is poised for rapid growth worldwide

  • Our members align their actions with thei
  • Relocations in London and Argentina
  • Lightning as its primary payment

about Velas Commerce

Velas Commerce is a software development team that enables businesses to integrate Bitcoin and Lightning payments and features into websites, mobile applications, enterprise systems, point of sale systems and more. Velas Commerce was founded in 2014 with one goal: to promote Bitcoin adoption by helping businesses integrate Bitcoin.

about Breez

Breez, a pioneering force in the world of Lightning technology, was established in 2018 with a visionary mission: to make Bitcoin a widely accepted currency by leveraging Lightning as its primary payment infrastructure. Through a legacy of unwavering integrity and a spirit of relentless innovation within the Lightning community, Breez’s open platform unites users, developers, liquidity providers, and various complementary services under the Lightning umbrella. Empowering developers, the Breez SDK offers a seamless pathway to incorporate Lightning payments into their applications.

about Voltage

Voltage, an infrastructure provider for Bitcoin, is bringing an enterprise-grade service solution to Layer 1 and Layer 2 Bitcoin technologies. The suite of products that Voltage has created enables any corporation, developer, or individual to build, deploy, and scale with their node and liquidity products.

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