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Communities can now benefit from the strong privacy features that Picnic Groups provides for chat groups - Picnic Groups

Communities can now benefit from the strong privacy features that Picnic Groups provides for chat groups

  • Picnic Groups is a welcome and inclusive space for group chats that is designed with privacy as the top consideration.
  • Our mission is to encourage local connections and promote social cohesion in the places we serve. The ability to share confidently in a trusted space is important – now more than ever.

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO, June 3, 2024 — Picnic Groups, a mobile app specifically designed for group chats, released a major new update today with several important features. This unique group chat solution is designed specifically for groups chats with privacy and security in mind.  It’s an integrated resource to support the community. 

“Many legacy chat group tools are built on top of 1:1 messaging services. Privacy is not only an afterthought, but usually as odds with existing business models” said Robert Waterston, founder of Picnic Groups. “We started Picnic Groups with privacy as our key feature. It is at the center of everything we do.”

Designed specifically for groups, it’s easy to move your chat history to Picnic Groups. Members can upload their group chat history from WhatsApp or Telegram so everyone is kept in the loop. With Picnic Groups, all groups are public. There’s no hidden code or secret invite to join.

Picnic Groups prioritizes privacy and security, ensuring that users’ data and communications are protected. This open and transparent approach fosters a more inclusive and accessible community.

Currently in English, Russian and Spanish, the app is available to download for free in the App Store and Google Play marketplace today.

About Picnic Groups

Picnic Groups is a unique group chat application. It’s more than a messaging app, not social media and different than an event platform; it’s an integrated resource to support the community. A picnic is a group activity in a public place. It is welcoming, inclusive and open to all. 

Our mission is to empower everyday entrepreneurs and support active community organizations. With no ads, we are 100 percent member supported. When members align their actions with their values, they establish credibility and foster stronger connections. Picnic is a space that is authentic and focused on leaders in the community. A welcoming and inclusive environment, members are at the center of everything we do.

Based in San Juan Puerto Rico, with development locations in London and Argentina, Coretxt Software, LLC is the parent company of Picnic Groups. Fully funded by local investors and bitcoin enthusiasts, Picnic Groups is poised for rapid growth worldwide.

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